Taka Perry.
Producer. Songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist.

At the age of 20, he has worked with artists including Ruel, Max Frost, Thomston, Cyrus, M-Phazes, and Dean Lewis. Equal parts organic and electronic, his production has the foundations to get you moving, but the creativity to stop you in your tracks, transport you somewhere entirely unexpected, and then throw you right back where you began. All without a moments notice.

Also releasing music under his own name, Taka’s debut EP, ‘Reverse Theory’ demonstrates this to a tee as he dares you to imagine, “what comes next?”.With the follow up already in the works, to be released mid 2019, looks like the guessing game has only just begun.

He is managed by Flagrant Artists.



Daniel Anthony | Flagrant Artists
e: daniel@flagrantartists.com